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Friday, December 25, 2009

How to Cure Asthma Without Drugs

Asthma is a chronic ailment that requires lifelong monitoring and medication. What's frustrating is that even the conventional medication being prescribed by doctors contain strong chemical ingredients that can mess with our body's natural immune system making us weaker and more susceptible to other ailments. Not only that, some medicines can cause irreparable and irreversible damage to our body when used in the long term. That is why more and more people are finding ways to find other methods that will not only help them achieve relief but also cut their dependence from conventional medication.

When you want to achieve relief from your condition without using the sometimes dangerous hit-or-miss approach of conventional medications you can try alternative therapies and medications instead. But in order for you to effectively handle your condition you will need to find out what exactly you are dealing with. Since the factors that affect each asthmatic may be different, you will need to know the extent and severity of your condition first so that you will be able to base your alternative treatment from the findings.

But before you do, understand that by totally eliminating regular medication, you will need to take extra measures and make certain sacrifices in order to be successful. This would mean total changes within your diet and giving up of certain habits and activities that you might enjoy. Making this decision will bring you one step closer to asthma relief without the help of drugs.

One method would be to find an experienced clinical ecologist or allergist that can help you determine your triggers. Remember that your triggers are not limited to things that you can find floating in the air (pollen, spores, etc.) but can also be found in the food that you eat, the weather, the activities that you might be involved in, and even stress. You will need to take tests that will determine all of your allergens so that avoidance can begin immediately. For certain foods that you are allergic to, it would be wise to immediately find alternative sources in forms of vitamin supplements that can fill the nutrients you might lack due to avoidance.

Pick a breathing technique. Breathing techniques like Pranayama, Buteyko, and Papworth have been known to work well for asthmatics. Breathing techniques give emphasis on correcting wrong breathing patterns and establishing techniques that will not only help you deal with your condition but also give you more control on your breathing during an attack, minimizing the chances of an episode from getting worse. While the medical society might not readily admit it, numerous clinical trials and testing have been done to prove it's efficacy in dealing with asthma.

You can also try herbal and home remedies if you want, but it is important that when dealing with herbal and home remedies, you will need professional assistance as some preparations might be complicated and some mixtures might have an adverse effect because of certain ingredients that your body can't tolerate. When starting out, remember that you will still need your medication, the only way you will be able to remove your dependence is by easing yourself out of the medication instead of abandoning it altogether.

If you want to know how to cure asthma without having to depend on drugs, there are other methods that you can find in books or within the internet. Research first, gain full knowledge of what you have and what you might need in order to make it possible. The more you know about your condition the faster you will be able to take effective action.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eddy_Kong

How to Prevent Asthma Attacks and Get Treatment Fast

Remember the saying, "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"? For those who have been diagnosed with asthma this saying should become their main goal. But with the numerous factors affecting your condition how will you be able to effectively prevent it? And how will you be able to get immediate treatment and relief if your efforts fail?

Asthma attack prevention is not as easy as it may sound. This will require sacrifice and patience on your part. Trigger determination would be the first step that you need to make if you want to prevent attacks from happening in the future. Simply put, triggers are those elements within your environment that can cause flare ups or episodes. Most common examples would be dust mites, bed bugs, pollen, fungus spores, certain ingredients in the food you eat, animal dander, or even the cold weather.

Now the problem is how will you be able to avoid things which you cannot see or certain ingredients within the foods that you eat or even the climate? While these elements may appear to be out of your control, you will still be able to take certain steps to avoid flare-ups or episodes no matter the situation. Cleaning your house and putting your bedding out to soak in the sun for example can eliminate dust mites, and fungi that might be present same as with bringing a scarf during cold days and asking what ingredients have been used in the food that you are eating.

When it comes to asthma taking small steps can go a long way in terms of prevention. Knowing all of your possible triggers can help you decide on the best possible courses of action for any situation that you might come across, even if avoidance is no longer an option.

For those unavoidable circumstances where you feel that an attack is coming on, you will need to relieve yourself as fast as you can because things can get ugly real fast if you do not know what to do. First tip when dealing with asthma attacks; don't panic.

Panicking will only add fear to what you are already feeling, rapidly blowing things out of proportion. Remember that you will need presence of mind to effectively handle your situation. Always have your asthma attack treatment or medication close by, along with your health card. Of course, we're not assuming that things would go worse but if it does, your health card will provide all the necessary actions that should be taken and the details of who to call during emergencies, allowing other people with or without knowledge about your condition to effectively help you out without wasting any time.

Looking for excellent tips on prevent asthma attacks which could be help you to treat asthma fast? Be sure to visit http://www.17minasthmaandallergysecrets.com and get your free 10-day mini-ecourse right now.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eddy_Kong

5 Herbal and Natural Ways to Relieve Asthma

Due to its unpredictability and the danger that it poses for each and every attack asthma requires constant monitoring and treatment. Although the there is no doubt when it comes to the affectivity of your prescribed medication, there may be unwanted side effects that can result from long term usage.

Of course your doctor wouldn't tell you that long term use of steroid based drugs for example can impair the immune system and can lead to more serious health problems in the future out of fear that you might stop your medication totally. You will need your medication to prevent and control attacks but it is important that as soon as possible you can minimize your dependence before any irreparable damage is done.

So how can this be done then? There are actually various options that you have when you want to deal with asthma without having to depend too much on your regular treatment. One of the options is getting relief and control with the aid of nature's own medicine; plants.

Even before the advent of modern medicine, our ancestors have already been using plants and herbs for various ailments and afflictions. Not only are they effective, they are also safe and can work well along with your regular medication.

Strengthening your immunity by natural means and helping eliminate underlying causes as well. While more complicated preparations will require the aid of an expert, there are a number of mixtures with easy to find ingredients that you can prepare for yourself. Here are a few of them:

Honey: Honey is considered to be one of the most highly beneficial and most commonly used ingredients in treating asthma. Honey has been known to help asthmatics by thinning the mucus within the body making it easier to expel. Here are some preparations that you can make using honey as the main ingredient: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water and take three times a day, you can add a little sugar for taste. You can also mash the bitter root of a gourd plant into a thick paste and mix it with honey, take one teaspoon before going to bed every night. Try it for a month and feel the improvement for yourself.

Ginger: A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with honey and a cup of fenugreek can act as an effective expectorant for asthmatics. Take once in the morning after waking up and once in the evening before going to bed.

Garlic: Garlic has long been used by some asthmatics to deal with coughing, congestion of the chest and sore throats. The preparation of garlic for asthma includes; 10 cloves of garlic and about a quarter cup of milk. Mix the two ingredients together and bring to a boil. Strain the garlic and allow the mixture to cool. Take during an outset of asthma to relieve discomfort.

Figs: There are many varieties of figs found in the market and while eating them raw can help deal with the condition, they are actually quite more effective when soaked in water. Choose soft, sweet smelling figs for this preparation as they have the best effect. Soak figs in water and leave overnight, eat the soaked figs preferably on an empty stomach and drink the water where the figs were soaked, this will further help clear out mucus buildup within the throat and lungs.

Mustard oil: Mustard oil mostly serves as an inhaler for asthmatics. All the preparation needs is boiling water and mustard oil. Since there is no specific amount required, feel free to experiment until you get the mixture that works best for you. Inhale the steam deeply and slowly to get the best possible results.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eddy_Kong

Exercise and Asthma

Asthma causes a constriction of the bronchial tubes and swelling of their mucous membranes. These tubes and mucous membranes are overly sensitive to certain irritants in the air such as pollen, house dust, animal hair, or other types of irritants. When affected, these tubes swell up, cause resistance to ventilation, and the person has a corresponding shortness of breath.

Exercise is also a trigger to asthma and has even gained its own label; 'Exercise Induced Asthma'. As a result, persons with asthma should be highly cautious when performing exercise and should follow these guidelines.

Exercise Tips

- Always carry an asthma inhaler when exercising and let others know where it is placed.
- Use an extensive warm-up period before you exercise. Attempt to warm up with at least ten minutes of gentle exercise before starting.
- Avoid exercising in an environment where dust and other particles may trigger an attack.
- Cardiovascular exercise is ideal as it uses the respiratory system in a long-time controlled manner.
- Cold, dry air conditions often trigger an asthma attack. Exercising later in the day when the temperature is higher will reduce the chance of an attack.
- Swimming or water aerobics are great exercises for asthmatics as the ambient air is warm and moist.
- If the asthma is severe, consider seeing a doctor for medication that may help. If left untreated severe asthma can cause chronic lung damage.

Swimming is a great exercise for asthmatics. The air temperature facilitates easy breathing and swimming is a great exercise for the respiratory system. Dedicate at least one day of a training program to the pool. The benefits will be an increased lung capacity and a higher threshold against future asthma attacks.
If you have an ailment that makes exercising difficult be sure to consult a doctor before starting an exercise program.

Eating Tasty Foods - Low Cholesterol Diet Food

For most people, eating foods low in cholesterol to maintain their normal cholesterol level is a daunting task. Primarily, because they simply don't know what kind of food they need to eat to lower their cholesterol level. There are a lot of food types available, and contrary to what most think, they are still very tasty and could still offer the taste bud tingles that other, unhealthy food could offer.
The first kind of foods low in cholesterol is fish. Fish contains high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids lower the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure, reducing the bad effects of cholesterol, and of course, lower cholesterol levels.

Certain kinds of Omega-3 fatty acids such as Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) can only be found in the fat of seafood such as salmon, albacore, tuna, herring, trout, and mackerel.

Fish is certainly a tasty food if cooked right, and recipe books can attest to how good fish dishes can taste. And in addition, fish does not only do wonders for your cholesterol levels, but it also helps in maintaining good eyesight and the health of your nervous system.

Similar to fish, nuts also contain significant amounts of Omega-3. Specifically, nuts like almonds and walnuts help lower cholesterol. Not only do nuts lower the bad cholesterol, they also provide good cholesterol for your body, helping it function even more efficiently and keeping your health at its optimum. Plus, nuts are very delicious, and you can eat them practically anywhere out of the small packs they usually come in.

It may be debatable whether lean red meat is a low cholesterol food. Most people say that red meat is very unhealthy because it is high in both fat and cholesterol. That is true, actually - but if you take away the fat of the red meat, then what you have left is a healthy, low cholesterol meat that would help you in your diet. Lean red meat is low in saturated fat and at the same time is an excellent source of other vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin B12, protein, zinc, and iron. Lean red meat is often used for gourmet recipes, as it retains the meaty flavor while being very healthy.

Of course, you can never leave out fruits and vegetables. They are always high in vitamins and nutrients, but some go as far as lowering your cholesterol. Fruits such as apricots, apples, and oranges and vegetables such as sweet potatoes and cabbages contain high amounts of soluble fiber and pectin. Both of these have been proven to maintain cholesterol at a low level. Fruits and vegetables, particularly those mentioned, are well loved and can be eaten by themselves or mixed as parts of bigger dishes.

Cholesterol free foods, low cholesterol foods-both of them can be very delicious and do not have to be all tasteless if prepared by skilful cooks. The foods mentioned are all intricate parts of gourmet dishes, and can be cooked to rival or even surpass the exquisite taste you get from unhealthy food. It won't be much of a sacrifice to eat this food, if it would mean keeping your body healthy.

Senyuman Menarik


Senyuman merupakan perkara pertama yang dilihat pada seseorang individu. Ia menggambarkan kesihatan dan personaliti empunya. Senyuman yang menarik dengan gigi yang bersih dan gusi yang sihat boleh menonjolkan keyakinan diri dan keterampilan anda.

Bagaimana Untuk Menjadikan Senyuman Lebih Menarik?

Gabungan rawatan pergigian kosmetik boleh meningkatkan penampilan gigi dan senyuman anda. Antara rawatan yang mungkin diperlukan termasuklah:
• Menyusunkan gigi supaya lebih teratur
• Memulihkan gigi yang patah atau terserpih
• Menggantikan gigi yang hilang
• Menutup ruang di antara gigi
• Membaiki senyuman yang menampakkan terlalu banyak bahagian gusi
• Mencerahkan warna gigi
• Dan lain-lain

Proses ini mungkin melibatkan gabungan porcelain veneers, tampalan sewarna gigi, korona,jejambat dan pemutihan gigi.

Bagaimana Proses Ini Dilakukan?

Sebelum rawatan kosmetik dimulakan, masalah kesihatan yang ada perlu di rawat terlebih dahulu untuk memastikan anda sihat untuk menjalani rawatan pergigian. Doktor pergigian akan memeriksa dan menentukan status kesihatan pergigian anda.

Bagi rawatan kosmetik pergigian, anda dan doktor pergigian anda boleh berbincang untuk menentukan gaya senyuman baru yang dikehendaki.
• Apa yang anda inginkan pada senyuman anda?
• Apakah yang anda tidak suka tentang senyuman anda dan apakah yang mahu diubah?

Setelah gaya senyuman ditentukan, beberapa rawatan akan dijalankan. Anda akan diberikan senyuman 'baru' dengan tampalan sementara terlebih dahulu kerana bahan porcelain memerlukan dua hingga empat minggu untuk disiapkan. Seterusnya tampalan sementara akan ditanggalkan dan diganti bahan porcelain.


Tiada komplikasi yang dikaitkan dengan rawatan ini selagi kebersihan mulut dijaga dengan baik.

Berapa Lama Proses Ini Dijalankan?

Tempoh rawatan bergantung kepada jenis rawatan yang dijalankan. Jika anda hanya memerlukan pemutihan gigi, maka proses rawatan hanya memerlukan satu jam sahaja. Tetapi untuk rawatan yang lebih kompleks, seperti porcelain veneers atau korona porcelain, anda perlu ke klinik pergigian untuk beberapa kali lawatan.

Harga Rawatan

Bayaran bergantung kepada pelan rawatan yang telah dipersetujui. Rawatan biasa sering kali melibatkan 10 batang gigi hadapan, dan veneer. Harga satu veneer biasanya di antara RM 280 ke RM 1500 bergantung kepada bayaran makmal, kepakaran dan lokasi klinik pergigian tersebut.

Menggunakan Flos

Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan menggunakan flos?

Menggunakan flos dapat membantu menjaga kebersihan gigi. Ia dapat mengeluarkan sisa makanan dan plak gigi yang melekat di antara gigi yang tidak boleh dibersihkan ketika memberus gigi.

Mengapa menggunakan flos penting?

Menggunakan flos dapat membantu menjaga kebersihan gigi. Ia dapat mengeluarkan sisa makanan dan plak gigi yang melekat di antara gigi yang tidak boleh dibersihkan ketika memberus gigi.

Jenis-jenis flos gigi

Ada beberapa jenis flos gigi :
• Flos berlilin atau tanpa lilin.
• Flos berperisa atau tanpa perisa.
• Pita gigi.
• Super flos.

Kesemua jenis flos yang dinyatakan di atas berkesan untuk membersihkan gigi jika anda menggunakan flos dengan teknik yang betul.

Berapa kerap anda perlu menggunakan flos?

Biasakan amalan menggunakan flos sekurang-kurangnya sekali sehari terutama sebelum tidur.

Bagaimana sepatutnya anda menggunakan flos?

Ikut langkah-langkah berikut :
• Lilitkan sepanjang 18 inci flos di jari hantu dan pegang bahagian 1 inci dengan tegang.
• Arahkan flos dengan lembut di celah gigi anda.Gerakkan ke atas dan ke bawah beberapa kali dan lengkokkan keliling gigi dan tepi garisan gusi.
• Gunakan flos untuk membersih gigi belakang yang akhir.
• Buka flos yang bersih dari lilitan jari dan teruskan membersih gigi.

Bagaimanakah cara menggunakan flos untuk mereka yang kurang upaya?

Gunakan flos dengan pemegang untuk memudahkan dan membantu mereka yang kurang upaya.

Apakah yang perlu diberi perhatian ketika menggunakan flos?

• Anda mesti menggunakan cara pergerakan yang betul. Teknik yang salah akan menyebabkan kecederaan pada gusi.
• Anda mungkin mengalami kesakitan atau pendarahan di bahagian gusi ketika mula menggunakan flos. Jika pendarahan masih berlaku selepas seminggu menggunakan flos, berjumpalah dengan doktor pergigian.

Botox (Toksin Botulinum)

Toksin Botulinum merupakan sejenis toksin yang dihasilkan oleh bakteria Clostridium botulinum. Sebanyak 7 jenis toksin botulinum telah dikenalpasti, iaitu jenis A, B, C (C1, C2), D, E, F dan G. ?Sindrom Botulisme? akan berlaku sekiranya seseorang termakan makanan yang telah dicemari bakteria berkenaan. Sindrom tersebut juga boleh berlaku akibat daripada kolonisasi oleh bakteria dalam sistem penghadaman bayi, ataupun daripada jangkitan pada luka. Sindrom Botulisme pada manusia biasanya disebabkan oleh bakteria jenis A, B, E, dan kadang-kala F; manakala jenis C and D hanya akan membawa kesan kepada binatang sahaja.

Botox® adalah jenama bagi produk toksin botulinum jenis A yang dihasilkan oleh bakteria Clostridium botulinum. Toksin yang terdapat dalam produk tersebut telah mengalami proses penulenan. Walaupun toksin tersebut akan menyebabkan keracunan dalam kuantiti besar, namun sekiranya diberi dalam kuantiti yang kecil melalui injeksi secara terus ke otot-otot tertentu dalam badan, Botox® menghalang isyarat kimia melalui saraf yang menyebabkan otot mengecut. Apabila ini berlaku, otot tersebut tidak dapat mengecut, kedutan tidak akan terbentuk dan permukaan kulit nampak lebih licin.

Di Malaysia, Botox® boleh digunakan untuk merawat beberapa jenis masalah kesihatan seperti:-
• Masalah neurologikal yang menyebabkan penegangan otot leher dan bahu yang serius
• Masalah spastik akibat daripada kecederaan pada sistem saraf tunjang seperti strok dan cerebral palsy
• Kedut pada permukaan kulit di antara bulu kening
• Peluh berlebihan

Botox® diberi melalui rawatan injeksi oleh pegawai kesihatan professional. Injeksi tersebut disuntik ke dalam otot yang terlibat untuk merawat masalah penegangan otot dan kedut. Manakala untuk merawat masalah peluh berlebihan, ubat tersebut disuntik ke dalam kulit.

Dos, bilangan injeksi, bahagian badan yang akan disuntik, dan kekerapan rawatan yang diperlukan bergantung kepada keadaan pesakit dan respons setiap individu selepas menerima rawatan tersebut. Bagi kebanyakan kes, kesan rawatan akan mula kelihatan dalam tempoh beberapa hari hingga 2 minggu, dan kesan tersebut akan kekal untuk tempoh lebih kurang 3 hingga 6 bulan.

Kesan sampingan yang mungkin berlaku semasa/setelah menerima injeksi toksin botulinum adalah rasa sakit semasa menelan (dysphagia), kesulitan bertutur (dysphonia), keletihan, dan kesusahan bernafas. Kesan sampingan lain yang mungkin, tetapi jarang berlaku adalah keresahan, sakit belakang, demam, selsema, sakit leher, ruam kulit, dan sebarang perubahan yang boleh dilihat pada permukaan kulit. Laporan kesan advers mendapati bahawa sesetengah kesan sampingan akan timbul sehari selepas menerima rawatan dan ada juga yang hanya timbul beberapa minggu setelah menerima rawatan.

Sekiranya anda mengalami sebarang kesan sampingan yang serius ataupun berlanjutan, sila hubungi doktor ataupun ahli farmasi anda dengan segera.

Pada September 2005, satu kertas kerja telah diterbitkan dalam Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, FDA melaporkan terdapat 28 kes kematian berkaitan dengan penggunaan Botox® telah berlaku antara 1989 hingga 2003. Namun, kes-kes kematian tersebut bukanlah disebabkan oleh penggunaan untuk tujuan kosmetik. Pada 8 Februari 2008, FDA telah mengumumkan bahawa penggunaan Botox® "ada kaitan dengan beberapa kes kesan advers termasuklah kegagalan sistem pernafasan dan kematian, berikutan penerimaan pelbagai rawatan dan dos berlainan". Kes tersebut berlaku kerana ubat ini boleh menyerap ke bahagian badan lain selain daripada bahagian otot/kulit yang menerima injeksi. Terdapat juga beberapa kes kematian yang berhubung kait dengan penggunaan Botox® palsu.

Botox® mestilah digunakan dengan nasihat doktor sahaja. Produk ini boleh membahayakan jika disalahgunakan. Pastikan doktor yang berkelayakan dalam bidang perubatan dermatologi, telinga, hidung dan tekak (otolaryngology) ataupun surgeri plastik dan doktor tersebut mempunyai pengalaman dalam memberikan rawatan Botox®. Doktor yang bertauliah dapat memberikan nasihat berkenaan dengan prosedur terlibat dan dapat menentukan sama ada produk tersebut adalah sesuai untuk kegunaan dan kesihatan anda.

Kini terdapat dua jenis produk toksin botulinum yang telah berdaftar di Malaysia, iaitu Botox® dan Dysport®, masing-masing mempunyai nombor pendaftaran MAL19970915A dan MAL20000731A. Kedua-dua jenis produk tersebut mengandungi toksin botulinum jenis A. Pada Januari 2008, Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan telah menerima laporan kesan advers ubat (ADR) di mana pesakit mengalami demam dan kesusahan bernafas lima jam selepas menerima injeksi Dysport®.

Sebelum menggunakan ubat ini, anda perlu memaklumkan kepada doktor atau ahli farmasi anda mengenai semua ubat dan produk kesihatan herba yand sedang diambil, terutamanya sesetengah ubat antibiotik, ubat cair darah, ubat untuk penyakit Alzheimer's, ubat untuk myasthenia gravis dan quinidine.

Kebelakangan ini, Bahagian Penguatkuasa Farmasi telah menjalankan pemeriksaan secara berkala terhadap premis tertentu untuk memastikan produk toksin botulinum yang digunakan adalah berdaftar dengan Pihak Berkuasa Kawalan Dadah (PBKD) Malaysia. Sesiapa yang didapati melanggar undang-undang boleh didakwa bawah Peraturan 7(1)(a) Peraturan Kawalan Dadah dan Kosmetik 1984 dengan denda tidak melebihi RM 25,000 atau penjara tidak melebihi 3 tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Ubat Tidur


Ubat tidur merupakan kategori ubat sedatif yang bertindak pada sistem saraf pusat dan menolong mengatasi masalah kesukaran untuk tidur.
Terdapat beberapa jenis ubat yang boleh memberikan kesan sedatif. Contoh : ubat antikemurungan, barbiturates dan benzodiazepines.
Benzodiazepines merupakan ubat yang selalu digunakan untuk merawat keresahan dan masalah kesukaran untuk tidur. Sesetengah benzodiazepine digunakan untuk melegakan keresahan , 'alcohol withdrawal', 'panic disorders' dan sawan.
Kebanyakan ubat antikeresahan (Contoh: alprazolam, clonazepam, diazepam, lorazepam) boleh membantu masalah kesukaran untuk tidur apabila diberikan pada waktu malam. Kebanyakan ubat hipnotik pula ( Contoh: midazolam, zolpidem) akan memberikan kesan sedatif pada waktu siang.


Kesan sampingan yang biasa dialami apabila mengambil ubat tidur adalah mengantuk dan rasa pening, hilang tumpuan untuk melakukan kerja dan percakapan yang tidak jelas.
Jangan memandu kenderaan jika masih mengalami kesan dari ubat tidur.
Kebanyakan ubat tidur boleh menyebabkan pergantungan pada ubat apabila diambil dalam dos yang tinggi dan pada jangkamasa yang panjang. Apabila keadaan ini berlaku, ia menyukarkan pemberhentian rawatan ubat tidur tersebut.
Ubat tidur tidak boleh diberhentikan secara mengejut. Doktor akan menasihatkan bagaimana untuk memberhentikan ubat secara berkala.


Ubat tidur hanya boleh diambil untuk jangka masa yang pendek sahaja. Kesan ubat tersebut akan berkurangan kerana badan anda telah menyesuaikan diri dengan ubat ini.

Langkah Berjaga-jaga

Masalah kesukaran untuk tidur dapat diatasi dengan merawat tingkahlaku secara kognitif

Berikut adalah cara yang boleh digunakan untuk mengatasi kesukaran untuk tidur.
• Pastikan tidur pada waktu yang telah ditetapkan.
• Jauhi minuman berkafein seperti kopi atau teh pada waktu malam.
• Tetapkan waktu yang sesuai untuk bangun pagi.
• Pastikan tempat tidur adalah selesa (tidak terlalu sejuk atau terlalu panas)
• Membaca adalah lebih baik daripada menonton televisyen.
• Masalah sukar untuk tidur adalah masalah yang kerapkali berlaku. Oleh itu, cuba tidur hanya jika benar-benar mengantuk.


Simpan ubat pada tempat yang bersesuaian dan jauhkan daripada kanak-kanak.
Sila beritahu doktor jika anda mempunyai sejarah ketagihan alkohol dan dadah .
Beritahu doktor jika anda mengandung kerana sesetengah benzodiazepine (chlordiazepoxide dan diazepam) dilaporkan boleh menyebabkan kecacatan pada anak yang dilahirkan jika diambil pada peringkat awal mengandung ( 3 bulan pertama).
Beritahu doktor jika anda menyusukan anak kerana ubat ini akan menyebabkan rasa mengantuk dan kesukaran untuk menyusukan anak.

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